5 ways to become more successful and confident

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Amy Morgan Davis, former Miss Utah, joined us to discuss her program, Win the Pageant and shared tips to become more successful and confident. 

Amy obtained a Master’s Degree in Piano Performance from the U of U and a Bachelors degree in Musical Theater from WSU. Amy held the title of Miss Utah 20014 and served as an advocate for patients suffering from traumatic brain injuries, and as a survivor herself, she used music as a tool to help with her recovery. She won the Lifestyle Swimsuit in Fitness scholarship award at The Miss America pageant in 2005 and in 2007 transitioned to the Miss USA organization, placing first runner up to Miss Utah USA.

Amy is the owner and developer of a professional pageant coaching business where she trains young women in each area of competition. Today she shared her tips to “win at life.”

  • 1. Pump yourself up
    • Use high power poses before going into a stressful situation.
    • Affirmations are also a very positive way to start the day, or again use them before entering a meeting or stressful situation.
  • 2. Make people feel happy to see you
    • When you are really happy and excited to see other people and they will reflect that energy back to you. It may not happen the first time, but it will definitely happen if you apply it. When you walk out the door, forget about yourself and positively focus on others.
  • 3. Trick your brain to win the pageant
    • Instead of looking at something as stressful, tell yourself it is a challenge instead. This is called cognitive re-framing.
    • Believe in yourself and have courage, instead of succumbing to anxiety and stress. 
  • 4. Make a great first impression
    • Maintain eye contact with people you meet. Try to note their eye color, shake hands with them, and smile.
    • Those extra few seconds will make a difference.
  • 5. Practice and use good posture
    • There is a difference between open and closed posture.
    • Open posture exudes confidence.
    • Closed posture makes you standoffish

Amy currently holds workshops every Saturday at the Marc Reynolds studio. She will soon be offering an online training program. For more information visit amymorgandavis.com or Instagram: @winthepageant.

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