5 must-haves for this fall

GTU Featured Guest

Beauty and lifestyle advisor, Dawn McCarthy came to the set today to show us the 5 best products for Fall 2021.

1. Skinni Bean Keto Cold-brew — a keto cold-brew in to-go packages with sample packages and a monthly subscription there is something for everyone’s needs.

2. Febreze Unstoppables — a touch-sensitive fabric spray for your hard-to-wash fabrics that will keep them smelling fresh.

3. Dion Michaels Men’s skincare — skincare available for men including a skin balm.

4. Super Green Tonik — one scoop for fuel and support for your body.

5. Pop Darts Game — TikTok famous Pop Darts Game safe for all ages.

Go to Dawn’s website for more details on certain products promotions and connect with her on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube.

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