5 at home workout moves for the best summer arms

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Summer is here and now is the time for tank tops, tees and swimsuits, but if you’re not feeling too confident in the arm department, personal trainer BreeAnna Cox showed us five moves you can do to get your shoulders, biceps and triceps in shape! BreeAnna said most women think cardio is the way to get toned and lean but it’s really lifting weights that does the trick. 

5 summer arm exercises 

1. Around the world 

  • Start with arms down and pinkies facing each other with palms facing out
  • Bring your arms above your head laterally all the way up till your thumbs touch

2. Biceps push out

  • Biceps curl horizontal and hold halfway and push your arms out from your body

3. Bent over row with a kickback

  • Bent over row and kick your arm back to engage triceps

4. Bicep front curl and lateral eccentric negative 

  • Bicep curl and slowly lower on the outside of your body

5. Lateral raise, hold at the bottom 

  • Lateral raise, don’t go all the way down so tension is constantly on the muscle

For more workout tips, visit bodybybree.com and on Instagram: @bodybybree2 & @mommytrainer.

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