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Aside from being pollinators and providing honey, did you know that bees can benefit us in many other ways? McKay Orton who has studied entomology and has assisted in beekeeping for 10 years, explained that bee venom, wax and propolis can be used to help with arthritis and nerve pain and has made great strides with fertility.

She explained honey bees are dying because of human error, but said there are 4 simple things that will make a huge difference in saving them. 

  1. Vote with your fork, buy organic
  2. Plant flowers
    • Planter pots, window boxes, fence lines… Utah has a lot of native flowers that bees love
  3. Know the difference between a bee and a wasp.
    • What to do if you see a swarm of either of them
  4. Lady bugs!
    • Try to use a natural source of pest control before you turn to chemicals

For more information, find Mckay on Instagram: @mckayjo. 

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