4 ways to make new friends

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Melody Jensen from Momscast shares affordable and fun ways to gather and make new friends.

These are great ideas for anyone who’s wanting to make new or strengthen current friendships. Just like kids go to school and get to see their friends and make new ones; many of us adults need social time too and here are some really fun ideas for initiating fun gatherings: 

Themed parties: Pick a fun theme and take turns hosting a dinner. You could do themes based on favorite shows (i.e. we are planning to throw an Office themed Christmas Party), different cultures or holidays.   

Bunco or Game nights: Bunco is a fun way to have a organized monthly or bi-monthly game nights or maybe invite a bunch of friends over and have everyone bring their favorite game and draw from a hat which one(s) you’ll play.  

Current Events Club: Similar to a book club but instead of reading a book together, those who want to bring a current topic or article they’d like to share and discuss. It’s a fun way to learn about new things and stay informed about what’s going on in the world.  

Craft or catch up nights:  This can be an evening or a Saturday morning where brunch is served and everyone spends a few hours working on a project that they never have time to get to.  This gives them a set time to do it plus chat with friends while doing it.  

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