4 ways to de-clutter your diet

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Trish Brimhall shares tips on how to de-clutter your diet

While the term “clean-eating” is not one of my favorites, I do think it is helpful to once in a while de-clutter your eating habits and spring cleaning season is a great time to go about it. 

De-clutter calories from your beverage habits.  Water is always the best go to, but especially as the weather warms up, and outdoor sports become part of our fitness routine, you might consider a lower-calorie way to replace those lost electrolytes. 

De-clutter calories with more produce.  Instead of focusing on deprivation and elimination, work on adding in more fruits and veggies at each meal and snack.  High in water, fiber and all kinds of vitamins, minerals and antioxidants, fruits and veggies are a delicious way to satisfy many of your senses.  Get in the habit of routinely using up the produce in your veggie drawer so it doesn’t turn into a soggy mess of wasted money.  Make it a goal that every time you eat, half is plants.

De-clutter your eating habits by dirtying your kitchen.  Sometimes good nutrition means a bit of a mess, and home-cooked meals definitely fit in this category.  Less takeout containers, and more actual dishes are a good sign of a de-cluttered eating style.  Make it a goal to cook one more meal per week that you can enjoy with your family. 

De-clutter your food-mentality by washing your mouth out.  Remember when you were threatened with having your mouth washed out with soap if you said bad words?  The same applies with the terms you use to discuss food and eating.  De-clutter by eliminating good and bad labels with food.  The only time the term “bad” should apply to food is when it is covered in pink and green fuzz in the back of your fridge.  “Good” and “Bad” labels in reference to food, eating habits your yourself as a result of food choices only leads to destructive guilt and gives food way too much power. 

Enjoy real food that makes you feel healthy.  That is the key to a de-cluttered diet. Visit www.NutritiousIntent.com for more topics. 

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