4 ways to cope with morning sickness

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We all know it can be tricky to get through your first trimester of pregnancy without an ounce of morning sickness, but luckily for us Stephanie Murdock, also known as The Baby Lady, shared a few things that can help. 

1. Call your provider and don’t sugarcoat it!

  • Most provider’s don’t see you until your 8-10 weeks along and that’s way too long to be miserable.
  • If the nausea can’t be helped through some of the natural methods, your provider can suggest medication that’s best for you specifically.
  • One medication that’s prescribed commonly is called Diclegis.
    • The ingredients in this medication are actually just unisom (a sleep aid) and vitamin B6, which you can get over the counter.
  • Always check with your provider if this is ok for you- but it’s something to consider before paying for the Diclegis. 

2. Eat small meals throughout the day

  • Also avoid drinking fluids right before, during, or right after a meal, as this can trigger nausea.
  • So just be sure to sip small amounts of fluid at other times during the day.

3. Avoid overheating

  • Especially during these hot summer months use an extra fan, or open the windows and let the fresh air in.

4. Incorporate lemon & ginger into your day.

  • Diffuse lemon, or add it to your drinks
  • Suck on a ginger candy or a lemon drop  
  • Carbonation can also help settle the stomach, so consider squeezing fresh lemon into sparkling water

Stephanie explained that there is no scientific backing behind the tips she shared, but many of her readers swear by them.

Learn more at itsthebabylady.com.

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