4 ways to build a stronger mind

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Lifestyle mentors, Kirk & Kim Duncan are in the studio to help build a stronger mind. Today, they discuss how to stop self-sabotage and how it’s a mind game that can be won.

Have you wondered why you are not completing your projects? Does it frustrate others that you keep putting things off?

Behavior comes from how we think. How we think affects our choices every day. When we have thoughts that are disruptive, distracting and undecided, we delay.

When we “drive” our thoughts, we can “drive” our behavior. We can literally talk ourselves into doing things.

Some of us have been talking ourselves out of doing things for a long time. If this is you, it will take you a little bit longer to create a new habit.

Tips on how to drive our thoughts:

  • Choose the end result we want to have happen today.
  • That becomes a mantra (a comment that is repeated over and over again)
  • Pick 3 mantras for the day.
  • Repeat them as many times as you can through the day.  Out-loud when you can.

The secret is Internal and External Dialog. We give others verbal instructions of what we want done for the day. Which is why do we not do this for ourselves.

Today, Kirk and Kim are giving our viewers a gift. The digital audio download of Building a Mind of Steel. Go to 3KeyElements.com/GTU to redeem your download. 

Follow Kirk Duncan on his Facebook page (Fb.com/Kirkaduncan) or visit their website at 3KeyElements.com for more information.

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