4 steps to help you find hope

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Life comes with a lot of challenges… but, the way we face them and overcome them is what’s important. Heidi Tucker shared four ways to help you find hope when facing difficult challenges.
1. Find Your Space
Setting aside time each day to reflect, focus, meditate, pray, etc. What that might look like is different for each of us.
2. The But If Not’s

Understanding that every question in your life or disappointment may never be answered in your timing or fixed no matter how hard you work or pray. That’s okay and a necessary part of growth.
3. Enduring It Well

The difference between just enduring and enduring it well. Suffering is universal, but how we each react to suffering is individual. Transitioning from suffering to serving others.
4. You Are Here To Make A Difference

Often we discover new gifts and strengths after we’ve been through the fight! Using those gifts and a long-term perspective to fortify your life and bless the lives of others.
If you are struggling don’t hesitate to call the suicide hotline phone number at 1-800-273-8255.

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