When a school-schedule routine change hits, some healthy habits tend to fall through the cracks. Nutritionist Trish Brimhall of Nutritious Intent joined us with some tips from after school snacks, to quick family dinners on school nights to packing power lunches that will ensure you hit the ground healthy and running when that school bell rings.

Whether your kids are at school or extracurricular activities, hydration is key! Water of course is always best, but if your kids prefer a bit more flavor, you can try Bodyarmor SportWater. Trish said there are no no colors from artificial sources and she loves the simplicity of potassium-packed electrolytes, coconut water and vitamins.

Trish always shares a lot about the nutrition from fresh produce, but there is a lot of nutritional benefit to be found in canned foods. She explained that kids and adults who use six or more canned foods per week are more likely to have diets higher in 17 essential nutrients than those who don’t. 

Then when it comes to lunches from home, reinvent old favorites! There’s nothing nutritionally inferior with a PB & J paired with some fruit and veggies, so get creative with the presentation. Trish showed us how to roll out the slice of bread, slather it up with heart-healthy peanut butter, whole-fruit jam and roll it up into little cylinders.

Trish warned to not overdo the portion sizes. Sometimes a mountain of baby carrots looks too overwhelming to even try, but 5 baby carrots isn’t so threatening and is easily eaten. Use the handful rule to keep portions age appropriate, remembering that small kids with small hands only need small portions. Keeping it small keeps it from being overwhelming, and tossed uneaten into the garbage can. Food is only as nourishing as it is appealing, because if it doesn’t make into the mouth, it doesn’t provide any nutrition.

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