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Pro travelers Jaron and Paul want you to know a few things before you get onto your next flight! They joined Surae to teach us a little flight etiquette. 

1. Putting luggage into the overhead bin

It sounds simple, but apparently, people are doing it wrong! If your bag has wheels, Paul and Jaron say those go first. This keeps them out of the way of other bags and means they won’t keep the door from closing. You only get to put one bag in the overhead bin, so be considerate of space for the sake of other passengers on the plane. 

2. A bad smell can ruin a flight

Realize that someone is going to be seated 3 inches from you for the next hour or 11 hours! Whether they are a stranger or a friend they don’t want the experience of a bad smell. Paul and Jaron said you shouldn’t bring or even eat strong scented foods before the flight! Especially if you’re in for a long flight, bring a stick of deodorant and a travel toothbrush and toothpaste with you. And shower before your flight when possible.

3. Pick up on social cues

Some people love to talk on planes, others, not so much. It’s important to read someone’s social cues before engaging in a conversation. Paul and Jaron explained that headphones are a great indication that someone isn’t interested in shooting the breeze. 

4. Landing etiquette

Even if you get the ‘okay’ from the pilot to turn your phone on, save your call until you’re off the plane. Not only are you still in close proximity to others, but there are dozens of people trying to arrange airport pickup too. 

Oh, and standing up immediately doesn’t get you off the plane any faster! Take these tips into consideration the next time you find yourself boarding a plane and find great flight deals from Paul and Jaron on Instagram: @slcflightwatch .

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