3 ways to overcome anxiety

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Mentor and personal development coach Todd Sylvester joined us to share tips on overcoming anxiety. He said anxiety is a misuse of your imagination and that we give power to the word, which actually creates a belief that makes it more difficult to overcome.

Todd explains that our thoughts create our emotions and those can sometimes be our worst enemy, or greatest friend. He shared the example of feeling anxious on Sunday night, because you begin thinking about Monday.

He also explained what he calls future tripping. Which is thinking something is going to go wrong. Whether that’s a minute from now, tomorrow or next week. Learning to control those thoughts eliminates anxiety.  

Toddy’s three keys to stopping anxiety are increase your awareness, remind yourself, and be one with the present.

For more information and perhaps inspiration, visit toddsylvesterinspires.com and Instagram: @tsinspires .

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