Ask any mother you know and she will probably admit having somewhat of a love hate relationship with summer. It can be overwhelming for mothers because they feel like they need to entertain their kids all summer. 
Mental Health Therapist from Yarrow Therapy, Erin Shepard, joined us to share three tips for mothers to feel more engaged and excited for the dog days of summer, rather than overwhelmed.

1. Establish a mindset centered around responding instead of reacting.  Instead of reacting to the challenging aspects summertime creates. Think about how you can respond to them. Prepare ahead by thinking about your own unique stress-points.

2. Create a plan for your summer based off what you want most from it. By working backwards from your end goal you can intentionally create opportunities to respond not react. Structuring the main events (or lack thereof) based off your end goals for summer decreases susceptibility to comparison and wasted energy spent chasing ‘it all.”

3. Give your permission to do (or be) one thing at a time. Focus on one role at a time creates a way to increase your productivity while feeling accomplished which is an important motivator for all of us.

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