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Are you preparing for an upcoming job interview and are looking for some tips and tricks to land your dream job? Kirk and Kim Duncan from 3 Key Elements stopped by today to share their three body language must-do’s when it comes to interviewing.

They say within the first 3 seconds of a job interview, your body language has already told your potential employer if you are the right one for the job. So knowing how to carry yourself is important. It’s going to be the difference between you nailing that interview and someone else getting the job. 

Before the interview: 

  1. Attitude is everything.
    • Confidently walk into the interview with the mindset that you are going to get that job.
    • Start thinking this way up to a week before the actual interview.
    • Go in with a confident attitude, not with arrogance. 
  2. Be punctual.
    • Being on time for an interview means being early!
    • Show up 10-15 minutes before the actual interview. 
  3. Look your best.
    • A big part of body language includes personal appearance.
    • Your personal appearance is the first impression you will make on your potential employer so make sure to look professional and polished, no matter the job.
    • Show up looking sharp. 

During the interview: 

  1. Nail the handshake.
    • When meeting the interviewer, send the message that you are the right one for the job by giving a solid (not aggressive) handshake.
    • This will tell the interviewer that you are confident without being overbearing. 
  2. Stay standing.
    • After the handshake, remain standing still until they show you where to sit.
    • If you step back after the handshake, it subconsciously show the potential employer that you’ll step back in the job.
    • From that simple gesture, they are unknowingly noting not to choose you. 
  3. Keep your chin up and smile.
    • When people doubt or question themselves, their chin level will drop.
    • Remember to keep your chin up and continue to smile throughout the interview.
    • This will show that you are trustworthy, confident and intelligent. 

Visit 3keyelements.com for more information. 

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