Courtney Killpack of Bra Fittings By Court joined us to share three tips every woman should know about nursing bras. Whether it’s your first go around or your third… these are the key things you should keep in mind.

1. The two week rule

Courtney suggests getting fitted for a nursing bra two weeks before you have your baby, but buy a transitional nursing bra. These are bras that are light in support but will give you coverage while in the hospital and when you transition to home. Two weeks after your milk comes in is when you should go back and get refitted. It’s really hard to predict what size you’re going to be or tansition to once your milk comes in. 

2. Underwires don’t cause mastitis, bras that don’t fit can.  

When a bra fits properly fits, the underwire is going to lay below the breast and on the side of the breast, so there shouldn’t be any irritation to the breast tissue. When a bra cup size is too small, the underwire is going to dig into your breast which can cause irritation and can cause women to have mastitis.  

3. You’ll need to get refitted 2-3 times during your lactation journey. 

A lot of women think they only need to buy one nursing bra and that’s it, but most women don’t stay the same size, so you need to get refitted every 3- 6 months. This will ensure you’re always wearing the correct nursing bra size

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