3 things to start doing with your eyes

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Kirk Duncan from 3 Key Elemtns joined us today to speak about body language mistakes and the 3 actions you must stop doing with your eyes. 

The quality of your life comes from the ability you have to connect and communicate with others. We all know that communication matters. Your nonverbal messages you send with your eyes have a long lasting effect on others. That could be for the good or the bad. What are your eyes saying to others? Eye contact.

3 Actions to START doing with your eyes:

  1. Look at people in the eye when you talk to them
  2. Do less and listen more
  3. Notice the level of ability you have to look others in the eye and intentionally improve little by little each day.

3 Actions to STOP doing with your eyes:

  1. Rolling your eyes = You have no value
  2. Squint at someone = I don’t believe you and you don’t have credibility
  3. “Whatever” – (Eyes go straight up, head goes up) = Whatever! Disbelief.

For more information, visit go towww.3keyelements.com to receive a digital download of “Speaking Eye to Eye” audio training.

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