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3 hilarious Valentine’s Day party games

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These Valentine’s Day party games are perfect for people of any age. If you’re hosting a gathering tonight, gather up a few things from around the house to have a good old time! 

For each game, teams must choose one player to compete head to head in the game with other teams. So for instance, one person from each team will be given the supplies and game instructions when you say go everyone competes to be the first to complete the game. 

Give these fun games a try!


  • Stack six cups on top of a table on one side of the room and give the player a Nerf gun with a limited number of shots in it.
  • Player has to use the Nerf gun to play cupid and knock all of the cups off of the table (not just down, actually off).
  • If they run out of bullets, they have to run across the room to refill.


  • Before the game, set up a vase with chocolate roses inside then place a piece of tape a few feet from the roses.
  • Spin players in five circles then give them three rings to toss.
  • Players must toss rings and get three onto chocolate roses to win the game. If they miss their three rings, spin them again prior to tossing their rings again.


  • This game is played in pairs. Have one player stand on one side of a table and have the other player stand on the other side of the table.
  • Players must take turns rolling (not sliding) Oreo cookies across the table to their partner where their partner, without having their chin on the table, has to catch the Oreo in their mouth.
  • Continue rolling cookies back and forth across the table until both players have caught a cookie in their mouth. This is a fun alternative to the popular face the cookie game.

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