3 fall flavors that will benefit your health

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Fall means comfort foods full of warm, rich, flavors unique to the season. Trish Brimhall from Nutritious Intent joined us to share all about it!

Trish said the health benefits of eating seasonally include keeping produce intake high, fiber, vitamin A, C, potassium and other nutrients and compounds that actually boost our immune system and reduce inflammation to keep us healthier this time of year.

She shared 3 fall flavors with us and some fun ways to include them in your meals.

  1. Maple
    • Try a smoky ham sandwich with Eckrich ham, rustic bread, maple mustard, Swiss cheese, spinach, sliced pears, and maple mustard.
  2. Fall produce
    • Kale, spinach, and cabbage, apples, and pears are in season. Chop them up to toss on salads, soups, and so much more.
    • You can also poach your pears and apples with some cinnamon for not only a great taste, but also for anti-inflammatory benefits.
  3. Pumpkin
    • Are you even surprised that this was on the list? We love pumpkin and Trish shared a great way to enjoy it this fall. She brought Caribbean pumpkin-ginger soup that packs in lots of health benefits. It offers vitamins, fiber, and some heart benefits. 

To wrap all this yummy goodness up she ended with telling us how the more appealing our food is, the more likely we are to enjoy it and find satisfaction from the meal.

Visit nutritiousintent.com for more information. 

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