145 pounds lost: Utah woman’s weight loss success story

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Are you tired of feeling tired? Are you stick of feeling down or self-conscious? Mindi Lamoreaux joined Good Things Utah to share how she got in shape, started to feel good again and got her energy back.

Mindi said she was tired of feeling bad about herself and feeling run down with no energy. She wasn’t in a space where she loved herself. She also said she wanted to be a role model for her daughters. 

In April 2016, Mindi was 100+ lbs overweight, so she looked to her doctor for help… a prescription for diet pills. Her doctor, being a Weight Watchers advocate, encouraged her to join. After gaining weight on the diet pills, Mindi decided to get serious, start there, and make a change.

Mindi is a strong advocate of eating healthy and weight lifting to build her muscle. She’s currently working with a trainer right now so she can eventually compete in a bodybuilding show, something she’s dreamed of doing her entire life. 

If you’re looking to make any change in your life, Mindi says the best thing to do is just start. 

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