14 tips for a successful garage sale

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Kathy Barret wrote the Utah Governor over 5 months ago telling him about the story of her mother and how garage sales taught her about life, living, and the importance of community. The Governor recently responded and declared June 3rd, her late mother’s birthday, the Official Garage Sale Day in the state of Utah. In preparation for the upcoming day, Kathy Barret came on the show and shared all the tips her mother has taught her about hosting the perfect garage sale.

14 Tips For A Successful Garage Sale

1. Signs are extremely important and must be the same color and contain the address. It is extremely helpful if the address the is largest thing on the sign. 

2. Don’t price the small stuff, it can be too time consuming! Have an idea of the value and how much you want for a given item. 

3. It can be a family affair, but be prepared for your kids to decide to not sell their stuff once someone else wants to buy it.

4. Attitude is everything, humor gets you through the experience, be prepared to negotiate!

5. If you can talk your neighbors into joining you it draws more people.

6. Make sure you start early and end late. Friday and Saturdays 8-3 have had the most success in drawing the most customers. 

7. If you are short on time, set the stuff out the night before.

8. Have your kids participate by selling bottled water and store bought treats.

9. Place things that are alike in the same place, this makes it easier for the shopper to find something they need. 

10. If its valuable keep an eye on it, and if you can have someone sit by it. 

11. Group same priced items in a box or together on a table. 

12. Make sure you wear a visor, a fanny pack for your money, cell phone, and sunscreen.

13. You don’t need a lot of change but make sure in the beginning you can make change for a 20.00.

14. Don’t under estimate what a person will buy. You will be surprised what sells. 

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