14 essential suitcase packing tips you need to know

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When it comes to packing suitcases, it is usually overdone. Toni Roberts, a frequent traveler, joined us today to share the essentials of packing and some tips to help you pack efficiently.

  1. Check your airline’s baggage policy for size and restrictions
  2. Always start with a packing checklist of essentials or use a packing app
  3. Try on complete outfits before you pack to ensure you have everything to complete your look
  4. Organize and maximize space by using packing aids
  5. Spread out all that you want to pack on your bed
  6. Process of elimination
  7. Pack efficiently
  8. Roll your clothes
  9. Line your suitcase on the bottom along the sides with shoes, toe to heel
  10. Heavy items go on bottom, lightweight goes on top
  11. Items that are prone to wrinkle go on top in the suitcase
  12. Bring travel-size toiletries or purchase them when you arrive
  13. Don’t pack valuable items
  14. Leave extra room in your suitcase for travel souvenirs

Give these travel tips a try and save more time when it comes to packing your suitcase! Visit Toni’s Instagram: @designdazzle to follow her adventures. 

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