10 truths or myths of marriage

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Parenting and family experts Richard and Linda Eyre joined us to share their 10 truths or myths of marriage. These are 10 statements included in their latest book they are currently working on.

They had us guess which statement is true and which is a fable, can you? 

  1. Equality should be the goal for your relationship or your marriage.
  2. In a good marriage, partners grow more and more alike. 
  3. “I want my spouse to complete me” is a good and realistic hope for marriage.
  4. A good measure of your relationship or marriage is how infrequently you disagree or argue. 
  5. It is wise to wait to make a commitment until you are sure you are compatible and can go through hard things together. You wouldn’t buy a car until you had taken a test drive, and you shouldn’t marry until you have lived together long enough to know it will work.
  6. The more relationships you have the more likely that you will find one that lasts. 
  7. The key to a good marriage is for both partners to go 50% and meet in the middle. 
  8. Never let the sun set on a disagreement.
  9. In marriage, Some things are better left unsaid.
  10. Achievements are often more important than Relationships. 

With over 30 books written on parenting and family and being #1 New York Times best-selling authors, we can’t wait to read their next piece on marriage. For more information, you can visit valuesparenting.com.

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