1 simple technique to teach your dog obedience on a leash

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Whether you have a puppy or an adult dog that does not do well on a leash, there is one simple technique that Ryan Gwilliam of Train Walk Poop says can teach your dog to behave. 

It’s called pressure and release. Hold gentle tension in the leash, straight up, and wait until your dog sits. As soon as he/she does, release the tension in the leash. The technique results in your dog learning that tension in the leash means to sit. 

Ryan explained that this leash technique is great for both rowdy puppies and adult dogs. One tip is to let the leash do all the talking so your dog learns from the motion, not verbal commands. 

Train Walk Poop is located at 3162 S 300 W in South Salt Lake. Call (801) 613-1364 and visit TrainWalkPoop.com and Instagram: @trainwalkpoop for more information. 

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