Great dogs for a great cause

Good Things Utah

The American Fork Police Department is on a mission to keep its community safe by building relationships through K9s. Toni Jorgensen, Andrew Burdine, and Ares from American Fork PD share about their furry employees.

Their key advantage is the dog breed of the Jag Terriers. They are smaller and more approachable for the kids and have the drive to track missing children, adults who may be missing due to Alzheimer’s, and suspects. 

The dogs are not trained to apprehend armed suspects, so they are not expected to engage in takedowns or bite work. We use them for PR events in schools and community events. They still represent a considerable expense to purchase and train, as well as to feed and maintain. 

Honorary Colonels are civic-minded civic-oriented community members. The goal is to raise funds by collecting memberships pledges and sponsoring fundraisers on behalf of the American Fork Police Dept. They raise money for help with the K9 program, training program, and equipment, encourage positive community relations and promote recognition for support programs for the officers and their families. 

They will be at Steel Days in American Fork on July 10 from 4 pm -10 pm. The Fire and Police Department will have fun activities for the kids to learn about safety in a fun and unique way and build a great relationship with the city’s public personnel. Food Vendors will be at this event at 1000 North 550 East in American Fork. 

 All donations are made to the foundation and used according to their needs. They are also accepting applications for the Honorary Colonials, and you can also donate through Venmo: @Afpso HC or email at or stop by the booth at Art Dye Park.

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