Even though Thanksgiving is just a few weeks away, expressing gratitude can be done all year round. Motivational speaker, Ganel Lyn Condie, is here today teaching viewers the benefits of practicing gratitude every day.

Condie emphasizes how important it is to be grateful and it can even switch your emotions. She said if you’re feeling angry or sad, focusing on the positive things will help release those negative emotions, it can even be something small. Condie told a story from a few days ago on how she practiced gratitude by recognizing the nice weather and how her car was running after someone made her angry while driving. She challenges you to play the gratitude game next time you’re grumpy.

One of the ways she said you can practice gratitude is by writing letters. While you don’t necessarily have to send the letter, Condie said everyone feels good after receiving or sending a handwritten letter. Some of the benefits of expressing gratitude are the positive effects it has on your physical and mental health. She reminds us that results may take time to show up so it’s important to keep practicing.

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