Richard and Linda Eyre shared their grandparenting expertise today, going over their top tips on how to be the best grandparent and resolve grandparenting issues.  

With 34 grandchildren, the Eyres are no stranger to grandparenting issues. A few common issues that they’ve run into include money and gift distribution, overstepping parents, and developing individual relationships with each grandchild.  

They recommend always respecting parents’ boundaries and parenting when it comes to money and overstepping their role as grandparents. Communication is key to ensuring that as a grandparent you aren’t encroaching on the parenting or needs and wants of the parent. They said to remember that the parents oversee the grandchildren and that the role of the grandparent means to act as a support mechanism.  

The Eyres also said that it’s important to grow individual relationships with each grandchild instead of treating grandchildren as a group entity. Taking note of their interests and spending one-on-one time with each grandchild is super important, the Eyres said.  

The Eyres are currently offering a 6-month grandparenting course that helps grandparents become the best grandparent they can be. The program consists of one zoom meeting a month and participants only pay what they can afford to pay to be as accessible and inclusive as possible. 

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