SALT LAKE CITY, UTAH (GOOD THINGS UTAH) — Good Things Utah’s golden birthday is coming up and in the spirit of celebrating, fashion expert, Dani Slaugh joined us on the show with a few outfit ideas you can wear to a Birthday party.

Slaugh says to take your cue from birthday gifts. They’re wrapped with paper that may have some shine to it, possibly a curly bow, a pop of color and all things happy! While taking on all of these elements could feel a little too 5-year-old to you, adopting one or more of these elements is a great way to get yourself into party mode. After all, what you wear affects how you feel, act and how others react to you! She shared the following tips:

  • Ruffles on the sleeves that mimic bows or bow tie belt. Softly rounded shapes in clothing can feel more happy, youthful, friendly, and casual. 
  • Fun pop of color as an accent to the wardrobe neutral colors similar to happy birthday wrapping paper. Wearing bright colors to an adult birthday party can be a great way to add some vibrancy and celebrate the occasion, especially if it’s a fun and casual event. 
  • Add a touch of shine with a sparkly or leather embellishment. This will create a fun, dynamic focal point and will be even better for a more formal evening party.

It is better to be more dressed up than down these days, but Slaugh says to feel free to a middle of the road approach while adding a hint of the elements above. For men, this might mean slacks or dark jeans with a button-up shirt. Women can opt for a nice dress, skirt and blouse, or stylish pants with a fashionable top. Always check the invitation or ask the host if there’s a specific dress code or theme to follow. 

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