SALT LAKE CITY, UTAH (GOOD THINGS UTAH)- Today, Emma Drennan, creator of came on the show to teach us how to properly store your gluten-free food items and make gluten-free dinner rolls.

Emma says you should be aware that gluten-free items have a shorter shelf life. Trying small packages of a product before you buy in bulk is a must, and once you have your favorite products, look for places to buy them in bulk. Emma says choosing shelf-stable products that you use regularly is the best way to start your gluten-free food storage. Amazon, Costco, Utah Food, and Meat Co-op are great places to shop for gluten-free items.

She also made amazing gluten-free dinner rolls that are perfect for any holiday event and taste so good. Here is the link to her Gluten-Free dinner Rolls Recipe. You can follow Emma on Instagram or Facebook @mylifeaftergluten