Stephanie Hillman is the owner of Art Haus, where she also teaches, and HB Hadfield is the studio manager and ceramics instructor. The two joined us today to tell us how art is such a special gift to give.

Art Haus is an art school that offers painting, drawing and pottery classes to both children and adults. The team believes that everyone has artistic talent and they are here to help you discover and develop your talents. They have a beautiful space that inspires creativity, and amazing instructors that encourage self-expression while helping you develop and define your artistic skills.

Art is a form of creative expression, a way of enriching the human experience and Art Haus strives to bring more art to the community. They welcome you to come take classes and enjoy the benefits that art can bring into your life!

Take 15 – 50% off select classes: Website: IG: @arthaus.slc and Facebook: