Ashley Forbes, the owner and founder of Girlie Locks shows off her colorful clip-in hair extensions, and tells us all about her new local Utah company. Launched in July, Girlie Locks was created from her fourteen year career of being a hairstylist and colorist. “I had so many clients, and my own daughters especially wanting bright colored pieces in their hair, but the commitment to the color and the harsh chemicals it takes to achieve that was always the biggest hesitation. ” Ashley says.

So a temporary option for special occasions, Halloween, holidays, or everyday wear were created! They’ve been an absolute hit so far for women and girls of all ages. There are synthetic options that are fun to add to any hairstyle, as well as synthetic clips with cheetah print on them and tinsel you can clip in.

You can curl, crimp, straighten, and do everything you can do to your own hair. There is also a Hair Party Box that has 24 pieces of bright colored hair that is perfect for birthday parties or a group of girls to share!

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