Getting your children involved with elections

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Dr. Alisa Van Langeveld, candidate for city council, sat down with Surae today to inform everyone on how kids can get involved in elections. She’s a child development and parent expert along with being an adjunct professor in Family Studies at the University of Utah.

Election season is here and even though politics can feel really heavy right now, it’s a mid-term year which means it’s not a presidential election. These candidates are people in your community so it’s important to be involved in these big changes. Langeveld says involving children in local, municipal elections helps us raise awareness and be better citizens.

She emphasizes that voting is our civic duty and it’s the glue that holds the system together. Local elections bring candidates closer and they’re real people living in our communities. When we show our children proximity to those doing interesting jobs, it helps our children feel that those jobs and opportunities are within their reach as well.

She recommends making voting a part of your family culture, even preschoolers can grasp the idea that voting is a way to make group decisions. Everyone has a say and all voices matter. Be sure to show your kid the ballot and explain all the different roles there are.

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