It’s International Hot Sauce Day! Can you handle the heat? Roger Damptz from Burn Your Tongue Hot Sauces stopped by to educate us on hot sauces from all over the world. As well as give the hosts a chance to test the strength of their taste buds.

Surprisingly, Damptz says there is a science behind a really good hot sauce. The base for most hot sauces is Vinegar except in England, they use a Lacto fermented formula, a naturally occurring bacteria, but he says most people can taste the tanginess the bacteria gives. In Africa, the sauces give a quick upper burn, but it drops off quickly as opposed to sauces that have a burn that lasts a while. A hot sauce does not need to be flaming hot in fact, the flavor is actually what brings customers back to buy the sauce. In Damptz opinion, the U.S. makes the best hot sauces, but hot sauces are a growing phenomenon around the world.

Nicea, Deena and Surae got to try these sauces from around the world first hand! There seemed to be a consensus that the more “mild” sauces were less hot but packed with flavor. As they got to the hottest sauces, they dipped their crackers in sparsely and Nicea combatted the heat with a Hawaiian Roll dipped in milk. To see their full reactions watch the video below!

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