SALT LAKE CITY, UT (Good Things Utah) – If watching sports isn’t your cup of tea, you’re not alone. Lily Shimbashi, CEO and founder of Sportsish, tells us about what her company is doing to get women more involved in the world of sports.

Lily grew up in a sports-loving family and decided she wanted to go into sports broadcasting. As she got older, she noticed a big gap in the market when it came to women’s interest in sports. Many women kind of liked sports but had a hard time getting really into them. This is why she started Sportsish! Her goal was to bring women into the world of sports fandom, using pop culture, cute moments, and fashion to get them more interest.

The NBA All-Star game is the perfect example of how sports have a little something for everyone. Basketball knows how to bring the drama that is guaranteed to peak anyone’s interest. Plus, the celebrity game is bringing big names like Ben Affleck and 21 Savage to Utah. Sportsish will be covering all the NBA events this weekend, so make sure to check it out to find the side of sports that’s the most appealing to you. Find the company on Instagram or their website!