SALT LAKE CITY, UT (GOOD THINGS UTAH) — Get instant comfort from sickness, hangovers, etc. with and IV boost from the vitamin bar.

It’s a company that brings nutrients to you. They have anything from anti-nausea to straight vitamin C. One great thing about the Vitamin bar is that they can go straight to your home, or you can go to their small location. The benefits of IV therapy are that you can get that once a month appointment and your body will feel so healthy. If you are sick, it’s nice to get a 15-minute cure with the medicine, which they also include.  

Courtney Shur and Erin Allen talked about a fun opportunity to get the vitamin bar while you’re at the Sundance Film Festival. They’re making house-calls and taking appointments at their various locations – including the Park City facility. Get an energy booster, or if you get sick from the altitude, they can help with that too.

For a discount, tell them that you saw them on GTU, and they will give a 15% discount at the time. Plus a free B12 shot with your purchase.  Book an appointment and learn more online at

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