With Savvy Jardine becoming a frequent guest host, what better time than the present is there to get to know her better and our two most recent full time hosts? While Brianne Johnson and Deena Manzanares have been on GTU for a while, it seemed like a fun way to become even more aquatinted.

The ladies shared their most irrational fears which included grasshoppers, roundabouts, diesel trucks up Parley’s Canyon and the possibility of something coming up the toilet. Had they not been TV hosts or producers, the gals would want to be ballerinas, astronauts, designers, fighter pilot, Disney Princesses, therapists or heed the example of former GTU host Michelle Money and become a golfer.

The hosts all have a mutual admiration for each other. Jardine admires the hosts on GTU for being amazing mothers and feels inspired by them. In the almost two decades GTU has existed, there have been hosts will all different personalities yet their warmth and talent is what they all have in common.