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Jodi Nelson, Instagram influencer came by to talk about traveling again, and how to plan it successfully for families! Find new, unique adventures when traveling as a family, Utah and beyond! “take the trip” “experiences over things”


  • Do you have a bucket-list or wander-list or… travel goals? List of places to see before you die? Make one!
  • When planning: Consider going somewhere new that offers a bucket-list destination OR just a bucket-list activity. (hot-air balloon ride)
  • Follow travel sites – Flights from Home, or Scott’s Cheap Flights, Pomelo Travel, Travel Zoo – get notifications in your email.
  • When we have a general time or destination in mind – go to Google Flights and search the destination (toggle the calendar/dates for best deals OR go to Explore the map and mouse over the world.
  • Don’t forget “Incognito” / “in-private” mode when searching to avoid cookies.

Cut costs:

  • Use credit card points/miles!
  • 3 cards I have used recently: Capital One Venture, Chase Sapphire, IHG Rewards.
  • Airbnb’s/VRBOs have raised their fees for short-term stays (cleaning fees and resort fees) consider mid-range hotels with inclusions like breakfast and parking. makes it very clear what the cancellation policies are and what’s included on one page. 

Travel Style:

  • Regardless of what it is…Try something new! Fun and unique and NEW adventures, maybe outside of your comfort zone!
  • Even if you are returning to your routine favorite spot – go back and try something new there
  • Bryce Canyon –guided ATV there, bike, live show
  • St. George – self yoga in snow canyon – even e-bikes for rent
  • Las Vegas – try Lake Las Vegas 
  • Park City – a hot air balloon ride
  • Goblin Valley – rent a razor for the weekend and tow it with you to the area. Fun trails outside the park in the area (pic)

Fun for the whole family:

  • Compromise. When choosing a trip, plan something everybody likes — not just the parents, not just the kids. Kids love the pool, so reward with pool time after parent’s hike or excursion. 
  • Hide candy along the hike as you go

More ideas/Recommendations on where to go right now during Covid: 

  • Florida, National Parks–Rent an RV (Outdoorsy, RVShare, or even KSL) – Hawaii, Mexico
  • Europe: We are probably going to see a spike in Utah travelers to Europe with being able to travel with vaccinations starting this Summer
  • Greece just opened up to this.
  • Iceland is open to vaccinated tourists and that is a great place to go with kids. Plus bucket list, the Northern Lights.
  • Roadtrip! Any Utah National Parks or even State Parks are fabulous. Drive to the Grand Canyon in Arizona. Or, go a little further, drive to Lake Tahoe or Yosemite in California. Add on many unique stops along the way. You can do a car or RV. 

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