SALT LAKE CITY, UTAH (GOOD THINGS UTAH) — Lauren Call, CEO and Founder of Packd, joined us on the show to share how you can simplify your holiday travel with a genius product! Be prepared for the gifts or Black Friday deals you get on vacation with Packd. 

Packd bags are pre-paid, pre-labeled mailer bags to take on your vacation to get your dirty clothes out of your suitcase and make more room for memories. Holiday travel is among us and that always comes with bringing new things home that may not be anticipated, that hand stitched blanket from your aunt, Christmas PJs from your mom, or some Black Friday deals. Put your vacation clothes in your Packd bag and make room in your luggage for all your new treasures with Packd. 

It’s the biggest and busiest travel time of the year, don’t let the stress of packing take away from your vacation! Lighten up with Packd and mail your vacation clothes home. You can leave your full Packd bag with the front desk of your hotel or schedule a free pick up through USPS!

This holiday season, get 5 bags for $100 to be prepared for holiday travel this month! Learn more at and