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The market is at an all-time high, the economy is doing well, is it too late to invest? The truth is that no one knows! Adam Nugent from Foresight Wealth Management joined us to share when to make financial moves.

Nugent said that according to history, the key is to continue to always invest. He said that it is always a good time to invest. The trick is that when you invest you want the market to fall.

Nugent recommended to start investing as early as possible. If you start earlier, over time you don’t have to put as much money away and it will be easier to reach your goals.

Is there a way to avoid losing money? Nugent says yes and that it is simple. The easiest way to do this is to never sell if the market is down. It’s important to always have money on the sidelines so that you can use it if you need to.

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