TAYLORSVILLE, UTAH – (Good Things Utah) Snakes, spiders and more. Cary Drage, owner and president of Creature Encounters, a corporation that educates on reptiles and arachnids, talked about the importance of understanding and respecting animals rather than being afraid. 

With the hosts holding snakes and spiders, Drage encourages the audience to build this respect for animals as well. His animals, used to going to events and being held, don’t bite those that hold them. They have been trained to be touched and handled by others, accustomed to the environment. Drage explained that this experience can help to eliminate fear and replace it with a feeling of respect for the animals and creatures that he has. 

Drage proves how tame his animals are by putting a tarantula into his mouth. Book an event with some creepy crawlies at their website.

Facebook: Creature Encounters Utah

Website: http://www.creatureencountersinc.com/