Started at 14 and now a year round farm is open to all. Sara Patterson, owner of The Red Acre Farm, stopped by GTU live in St. George to talk about her business. Patterson says it is always free just to come walk around, look at the animals, and see the fun little buildings. Take a visit to the farm on the 29th where Patterson will be cooking up a breakfast menu of pancakes and french toast.

If you aren’t around for breakfast, check out the grounds on the 31st where you can experience a folk tell walkthrough and it’s a festive way to spend your Halloween. You can even join in on the fun with the scarecrow contest. It is free for anyone who wants to sign up. Just bring your scarecrow to the farm and they will find a place. You can go and walk through the scarecrow building where they will all be set up.

The farm also offers a farm stand full of fresh produce. For more info check out her website and social media. 


Instagram: Redacrefarm 

Facebook: Redacrefarm