Pair your holiday glam with a glow! Megan and Amy Skalla say there is no time like the present to look tan, especially with holiday parties around the corner. A tan helps to boost confidence, and as the sisters say, if you can’t tone it, tan it. 

The perfect self tanner that is easy to blend, fast drying and the perfect olive tone, the Skalla sisters have spent years creating the perfect formula. 

Glow’s face drops are the perfect tanner for the face. With a slight shimmer, these drops act as the perfect primer before makeup. Glow also has a body mouse with a color guide to see where the mouse is going. Applying the mouse to the body with the glove allows for a complete and beautiful coverage with an olive tone. The tan lasts about seven days. 

Get yours today online today using the code “goodthingsutah” for 20% off. 


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