SALT LAKE CITY, UT – (GOOD THINGS UTAH) — Springtime is full of stressful to dos such as spring cleaning, end of semesters, etc. It is a good time to take some time for yourself and have a me day with tons of self-care. We have just the place to get all the self-care you need. 108 meditate has therapy sessions, sound baths, etc. 

Today we were joined by Andrea Taylor, the co-owner of 108 Meditate, to help us through the month of May with a guided meditation box called “sacred cycles.” Sacred Cycles box is all about tapping into the energy of patterns, cycles, and seasons. This guided box is sold as a monthly subscription of wellness and mindfulness. It includes products and practices for a healthy morning routine, intention setting, womb healing, working with the moon’s cycles, women’s monthly cycles and circadian rhythms. This box uplifts, educates, and inspires. 108 meditate simply provides beginners with a place to practice mindfulness. 

This box will teach you how to take care of yourself and practice mindfulness every day. For more information about 108 meditate checkout their website and social media.