Fundraising event for nonprofits in the Park City area

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Executive director of the Mountain Trails Foundation, Lora Smith, sat down with Nicea today to discuss an event coming up this weekend. Live PC Give PC is looking to raise funds for nonprofits in the Park City and Wasatch Back area.

This Friday, Nov. 5th, is the day of giving. One hundred and twenty six nonprofits will be involved this year and are hoping to gain your support. This is their biggest fundraiser of the year! They are hoping to raise $3.5 million for these nonprofits to make a difference in their community. The minimum donation is just $5. Anything helps and is appreciated.

Lora Smith shared a little bit about her nonprofit, The Mountant Trails Foundation. It is a part of the Live PC Give PC because they are a big part of the Park City community. They help build, maintain and protect trails and use funds to pay their crew to carry out these maintenance jobs. If you use the trails in Park City, you should consider donating to help preserve the beauty.

Visit the website and make a donation on Friday. The live stream starts at 5:30 pm.

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