Fun fall date ideas

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Fall is a great time to fall deeper in love, says Val Baldwin, so she’s here to give viewers her five fun fall date ideas. Baldwin is a relationship coach so she has the best recommendations to help grow closer. These ideas are great for first dates or long-term couples since there’s a variety for everyone.

There are lots of fun things to do in the fall, you just have to be open to it and get creative. One of Baldwin’s recommendations is cooking comfort food together, this allows you to cook side by side and enjoy a nice dinner together. You could also go to a pumpkin patch together and make it interesting by coming up with dares or contests. For example, you could see who can find the smallest or largest pumpkin, etc. To find a pumpkin patch close to you, visit

She also says how fun it can be to scare each other silly by watching scary movies or going to a haunted house. While you might be too old to trick or treat, she emphasizes you’re not too old for scary activities. On a less scary note, Baldwin also recommends flying kites together since there are high winds in the fall and it can be spontaneous. Her last idea is to create a tailgate for two. You can find a sporting event you can get to early and have a picnic.

Baldwin says it’s important to set aside time for dates with your significant other since it’ll help keep the love alive and is a great bonding experience. Visit her website for more tips!

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