Andrea Wilde joined us today and shared all her best summer date night ideas. 

Wilde recently launched courses where she teaches how to achieve all four pillars of wealth including health wealth, relationship wealth, time wealth, and financial wealth. Some of her favorite tips from her courses related to relationship wealth. She shared with us some of her favorite activities beyond dinner and a movie.

Her first tip was to make homemade ice cream, perfect for a date night at home. She said it is easy to make homemade ice cream at home in a bag. Wilde also recommended using the Best Self intimacy deck where color-coordinated cards relate back to the level of intimacy and type of relationship you have with your partner when playing the game. Making tin-foil dinners is also a fun and easy activity. Building a fort is fun to reconnect with your inner child and engage in hands-on activities with your partner. Wild also said it is fun to reenact your first date with your partner.  

For viewers looking to have a fun summer date night, Wilde said that if viewers go on a fun date night, they can DM her on Instagram at @livebig.littlegirl and they will be entered to win a Best Self intimacy deck!