Fuel your wild side with a delicious acai bowl

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Tami Haycock, owner of Wildside Bowls, joined Nicea on set today. She came to share the background behind her business and show viewers how you can make an acai bowl at home.

Haycock explained what sparked her interest in acai bowls. She shared her experience fighting breast cancer and that during that time she wanted to take care of her body and cut out sugar as much as she could. As much as she loved making cookies and grabbing ice cream with her children, she wanted to find a healthier alternative. She found that acai bowls were a great way to get the sweetness you desire, without all the sugar.

Several bowls were showcased on set, but Haycock demonstrated how she makes her basic acai bowl. She added frozen acai, explained that you can use any frozen fruit of your choice, and pineapple juice as her liquid. These bowls are very versatile and you can make them with basically any fruit that you like. She explained, however, that you will need a high powered blender because all the frozen fruit can be tough to blend. Acai bowls can be topped with coconut cream, granola, fresh fruit, coconut flakes, and a drizzle of honey for the finishing touch.

To #fuelyourwildside – Follow them on Instagram and give them a call! They’re located at 12243 S Draper Gate Drive Unit 3 and are open Mon-Thurs: 8am-6pm and Fri-Sat: 8am-8pm!

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