Avenue Bakery is a local bakery that has it all! Food items ranging from sweet to savory, this bakery will have you excited! Bryan Peterson Owner of Avenue Bakery, joined hour one of GTU to promote some yummy items from the Avenue Bakery menu. Avenue Bakery sells a variety of different food and pastry items. Whether it’s for breakfast, lunch, or dinner, customers always leave satisfied! 

Peterson started Avenue Bakery in 2014 and now has employed around 20 employees. At Avenue Bakery, bakers make most of the pastries from scratch. Peterson showed viewers a variety of donuts, pastries, loaves of bread, gelato, muffin tops, bread, croissants, and even gluten-free items! 

Avenue Bakery is located in American Fork on Main Street. Avenue Bakery’s website is under construction right now, so be on the lookout if you are interested! 

Business Information 

Instagram: @avenuebakeryaf 

Facebook: @avenuebakeryaf

297 W Main Street American Fork, Utah