JUAB COUNTY, UT – As the new year begins, many of us look to set resolutions and make changes in our lives. For some, this might mean trying something new and pushing ourselves to overcome obstacles. This is exactly what Isaac Allred did when he discovered the world of acrobatics and cheer.

Isaac, a self-taught acrobat, tumbler, and hand balancer, began posting videos of his progress on Instagram. Soon, his videos gained millions of views and caught the attention of people all over the world. Through his dedication and hard work, he even went on to win the Utah jump off title twice.

But in September, Isaac faced a major setback when he unexpectedly ruptured his Achilles tendon. Many people might have given up at this point, but not Isaac. Instead, he made the decision to progress his other talents and abilities. He saw this injury not as the end of his journey, but as an opportunity to learn more about himself and grow in new ways.
Isaac’s story is a reminder that we can all stand back up when life knocks us down and keep going.

If you want to follow Isaac’s journey and be inspired by his determination and grit, be sure to check out his social media on Instagram: @isaacallredd.