ABC 4’s own Val Cameron came to Good Things Utah to share her movie picks of the week.

DC League of Super-Pets

Rated PG

Warner Brother Pictures

Krypto the Super-Dog, played by Dwayne Johnson and Superman, played by John Krasinski, are inseparable best friends. Other big star voices by Kevin Heart, Kate McKinnon and Natasha Lyonne. This is a pop culture, super hero loving grab with a huge amount of DC Fan service. The animation is fun and vivid and you will definitely hear a lot of kids’ laughter. For me, as an adult who loves animation, I definitely had moments I appreciated humor and the inserts of my favorite DC memories. I also had moments when I thought it was a little much cheese and silliness. The plot of the film is nothing new, but I like to remember when I am watching a film like this that is it all about the kids. For me, this movie is a big superhero win for the kids who love superheroes, it’s cute. Superhero loving adults without kids can stick to live action films that are made for you. The kids are going to love it and you are not going to hate it. Give in to the curtness. 

Grade B+


Rated R

Focus Features

B.J. Novak (“The Office”) writes, directs and stars in Vengeance. It is an odd ball movie. At first it feels like it is not going to work but Novak seems to pull you into the characters with every new scene. It doesn’t fit or feel right but at the same time if you ever felt like an odd ball, it works. Novak plays a journalist/podcaster who gets himself caught in a lie in the middle of Texas and ends up doing some questionable things and creating relationships to try and get a good story.  He compliments the weirdness of the movie with a great cast including Issa Rae, Ashton Kutcher, Boyde Holbrook and Dove Cameron. Not all of it works or is even believable by the end but it is nice to have something different and weird to watch. You have to just let go and embrace the weird. 

Grade B

Big things coming for Marvel MCU Phase 5 from San Diego Comic Con

Black Panther: Wakanda Forever will end MCU Phase 4 and will be in theatres November 11th