Friday Films is finally here and ABC 4’s own movie critic, Patrick Beatty came to Good Things Utah to talk about his favorites of the weekend. All of which are films he recommends.

Beatty started the segment talking about the newest release, ‘ The Sea Beast’  is a story where a young character goes on an adventure. She learned about Sea Beasts from her family, mostly negative, and once she meets them she learns they are good guys after all. Beatty should call this the “See” Beasts since he thinks people should see it, especially families and people with young children. ‘The Sea Beasts’ is rated PG and is available for streaming on Netflix.

The highly anticipated Marvel film ‘Thor: Love and Thunder.”  This film focuses on Jane Foster, the female counterpart to Thor. Alongside Chris Hemsworth stars Natalie Portman, Christian Bale and Russell Crowe. The film was originally four hours but this cut is the shortest Marvel film at nearly two hours. Beatty calls this one a “see.” The film is PG-13 and is now playing in theaters.

The final film Beatty talks about, ‘Fire of Love’, is a documentary about a couple filming volcanos and ultimately died while watching. A very informative and enjoyable film that shows romance and passion, Beatty gives it a “See”. This film is rated PG and is now playing in theaters. 

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